The Valued Self

Valued SelfOur society sends us so many confusing messages as to how we should value ourselves, and unfortunately, most of these values are superficial, having no connection with our true selves and tend to be impossible to live up to. As a result, our society is suffering from an epidemic of low self-esteem. Dr. Rosenbaum has instructed hundreds in the importance of having a clearly defined, healthy values by which we measure ourselves and at the center of these values must be a life mission that defines us. This clarity is the foundation for healthy self-esteem and a life of emotional, spiritual, physical and relational success. This book will help you discover the joy that comes from having a clear vision of who you are and what your values are.Amazon-Buy-Button




The Essential Self

The Essential SelfOliver Wendell Holmes famously wrote that Most men die with their music still in them. In The Essential Self, psychologist and master life coach Dr. Elliott Rosenbaum explores the source of joy and fulfillment and teaches us how to access our inner music. This music comes from our Essence and consistently connects us to our life purpose and most compelling goals. With the tools of The Essential Self in hand, we are guided to truly transform our lives and live a life that is deeply enjoyable and satisfying