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“Haven’t YOU Suffered Long Enough With Crippling Depression and Unsettling Anxiety In Your Own Daily Life?”


- Introducing The Breakthrough Depression & Anxiety Program –

Beat Depression and Anxiety Now™

by Dr. Elliot B. Rosenbaum

“The course was one of the most amazing and perspective changing experiences of my life.” - Jack M.

Forget Everything You’ve Already Learned About Anxiety and Depression…

Sure, I know that’s a bold thing to ask of you, but at this point in your life, I’m sure you’ve been searching for a permanent solution to your own anxiety and depression issues. And I’m sure along the way you’ve absorbed a lot of conflicting information as well that has complicated everything for you.

Today I want to present to you something with a fresh perspective that can literally transform your life and take you out of the vicious grip of depression and anxiety…

At this point, you’re probably dealing with daily roadblocks that are sucking the life right out of you. In fact, your daily life probably revolves around horrible and crushing symptoms of inner pain and turmoil including…

• Scary feelings of impending doom and fear
• Depleted energy, feelings of sadness and even crying
• Low sex drive and motivation to even get up to work
• Bouts of anxiety that leaves you shaky, sweaty, and even ill
• Isolation from friends and family…and from doing things you love
• Avoiding certain places or situations because of deep rooted fear

Of course, these may just be the tip of the iceberg for you. You may be experiencing
more than one of these symptoms and even more!

I’m here to tell you that all of these symptoms are NORMAL when you suffer with depression and anxiety. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

FACT: Over 1/3 of the Western World has reported that they have suffered
with some form of depression or anxiety in their life.

THE GOOD NEWS: No matter how LONG or SEVERE your symptoms have been, there’s hope for you. You can beat it and live the life of freedom and joy you’ve always wanted.

Right now I’m sure you are skeptical of just about any “solution” you read online that deals with anxiety and depression issues. And that’s understandable, because there’s a lot of “magic pill” solutions on the Internet that are after one thing only. And those programs are not about truly helping you…they’re about simply profiting from you!

99% of other programs that promise to end your anxiety and depression rarely work because they’re created by MARKETERS, not real certified mental health professionals…

My name is Dr. Rosenbaum and I’ve literally helped HUNDREDS of people just like you who were once plagued with crippling anxiety and depression but came out the other end and BEAT IT.

I’m not some marketer trying to push yet another program that doesn’t work. I’m an actual board-certified clinical psychologist that has had years of experience and the things I’ve learned about depression and anxiety will literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Here’s a bit more about me…


I’ve put all of my knowledge, years of experience and success, and techniques to help beat depression and anxiety into a POWERFUL & EASY TO IMPLEMENT program created specifically for you called…

Beat Depression and Anxiety Now!


Is Beat Depression and Anxiety Now Perfect For You?

Did you know that many people walk around every single day and have no idea they are clinically depressed? Sure, they may feel a bit unhappy and anxious, but they feel that this is “normal”, but they are wrong.

In Beat Depression and Anxiety Now™ I’ll teach you how to actually score your own level of happiness, inner peace and self-esteem to see where you stand. This program is NOT a therapy program, it is a “self-help” program carefully created to put YOU in charge of your health and happiness. I will provide you with the tools that can transform your life; it’s up to you to take ACTION on them.

If you discover that your scores meet the criteria for Major Depressive Disorder or Anxiety Disorder, then this program cannot hurt you but only help. But it’s highly advised that you work directly with a licensed mental health provider to make sure this is the best plan for your recovery.

How Quick Will You See Actual Results?

As you know every individual is different and unique. Some people will have instant results and for some it may take a bit more work and time to see things start to shift. But the overall key is the forward progression towards true inner happiness, and that’s exactly what the Beat Depression and Anxiety Now ™ program is designed to do for you.

In most cases, people will start to feel better in a matter of weeks as long as they actually take action on the information and tools that is supplied to them in the program. Once you understand what it takes to develop inner peace and deep happiness, then things will begin to “click” for you right away.

The goal of this program is to give you LONG-LASTING results…starting as soon as possible!

What Makes Beat Depression and Anxiety Now™ …Different?

If you take a closer look at most programs or so called “solutions” to anxiety and depression, they do one of two things: They either put all the focus on WHAT is causing people to feel depressed or anxious without offering any real solutions or they simply medicate people to “cover up” the symptoms. While some people really do benefit from medication, I can tell you from my experience that WAY too many people are taking medication when they should be using the non-medication evidence-based tools described in this program.

In Beat Depression and Anxiety Now™, what I’ve done is synthesized the latest research and findings that have actually turned the tables on this entire approach…

What is this new approach? It’s putting the focus on the real keys to what makes people successful and happy, instead of focusing on what makes them unhappy. This shift into “Positive Psychology” can make all the difference in the world for someone like yourself who is suffering with anxiety and depression issues.

In my online program, Beat Depression and Anxiety Now™, you’ll get access to POWERFUL and PRACTICAL insights and techniques that will finally help you move past depression and anxiety…and into true peace and happiness.

And the good news is, this “no fluff” approach focuses only on 6 CORE PRINCIPLES that are drawn directly from positive psychology research and are evidence-based ways that will help you create a life of happiness, success, and passion!

These tools are designed to not only help you END
your issues with anxiety and depression,
but to spill over into all areas of your life including…


When you put the focus on what really makes you happy and fulfilled in life, the negative things will melt away (like depression and anxiety) and success will NATURALLY FLOW to you.

Now you’ll have all of these proven powerful tools and techniques to finally get the results you’ve always been desperately wanting for yourself…AND ITS FREE!

That’s right, FREE!

You have absolutely NO RISK and NOTHING to lose…

You Can Eliminate Your Depression and Stop Anxiety,

I know you’re not only going to love Beat Depression and Anxiety Now™, but I know it’s going to make a huge impact in not only your own happiness, but also the way you live your life. It really is that powerful.

Cheers to your success!

Dr. Elliott B. Rosenbaum

P.S. Remember, Beat Depression and Anxiety Now ™ puts the focus on you and your happiness to melt away depression and anxiety. It’s based on clinical research and studies that have had a powerful impact on those suffering with these issues and now it can work for you. Give this information a try today and share it with your friends and loved ones.